Puppy Training Guidelines

Having a puppy as a pet can be either a frustrating and exhausting effort or a uniquely rewarding experience. It all depends upon the information and preparedness you have to care for the little one. The tough part is not bringing the puppy home, but raising the puppy into a healthy well groomed dog. There are a few common mistakes that most puppy owners make. If you can avoid these, you can significantly reduce the stress in raising a puppy and avoid relinquishing an untrained, ill-mannered adult dog later.

Common Mistakes

Avoiding these basic blunders can ensure a great start to the relationship as well as help in raising a healthy well behaved dog.

Puppy Potty TrainingIndoor Training to Outdoor Feat

Most puppy owners feel that if they potty train their puppies indoors, the puppy would automatically be trained for outdoors. The reality is that the potty training pads look like soft rugs, so your puppy can mistake your expensive carpet for the training rug.


It is a big mistake to let the puppy sleep with you during its first days. This action may curb the initial whimpers but lead to louder howls if denied co sleeping later on. You should consider the long term benefits rather than give into an easy way out.

Puppy Crate TrainingImportance of Crate Training

It is essential to train your puppy to adjust and accept the dog crate or cage. An initial leniency in this training can cost you a lot of time and effort later on. You may feel that the puppy would feel insecure in the crate, but contrary to this belief, puppies take the crate to be a safe cozy resting place.

Puppy Outing

A small puppy has a lower immunity towards the beginning of its life. Your puppy would most likely catch an infection, if it accompanies you in every outing. It is safer to take the puppy for an outdoor visit once it undergoes all the immunizations. For example, your puppy does not need to come with you for every pet store visit.

Stay PuppySlipping in Discipline

A cute puppy bouncing on a friend’s lap would become the star of the gathering. If an adult dog happens to do the same thing, the guests might be offended. It is necessary to curb any behavior of the puppy that you don’t want to be carried into adulthood. Adherence to discipline is the key to enjoying the relationship with your dog for years to come.

Too Much Rest

Sometimes a puppy may start behaving in a weird manner and seem irritable throughout the day. This may happen if it is not getting its required share of exercise. Puppy owners feel that the puppy is too small for any exercise but the reality is that every dog breed requires a specified activity level.
Improper Socializing

A small puppy will learn how to behave in social situations once he is exposed to them. If you do not let your puppy to interact with other dogs, humans and different situations, he would not know how to react. This can lead to barking or biting strangers when he grows up into an adult dog.

Additional Information

View the How to Housebreak a Puppy Brochure (PDF) for more information.