Commissioner Goals for 2017 - 2021

Goals Based on Mission

The Berrien County Mission statement reads: "It is the mission of Berrien County Government to provide: Leadership, Cooperation with all Units of Government, Sound Fiscal Management and Planning, thereby promoting public safety, health, well-being and prosperity in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations."

4-Year Goals

On May 18, 2017 the Board of Commissioners approved resolution B1705196 which approves the following goals for the next four years beginning 2017 in order to achieve the County's Mission Statement:

I. Provide a safe and resilient Berrien County for employees and the public.

II. Formalize a long term strategy and vision to meet Berrien County's future facility needs.

III. Eliminate the mainframe and continue technological and IT infrastructure improvements to improve Berrien County services, facility and data security, and operation efficiencies.

IV. Improve Berrien County's ability to retain, expand and diversify its private sector jobs and tax base.

V. Maintain an excellent and sustainable Berrien County workforce.

VI. Continue to improve Berrien County's long-term financial position.

VII. Advance Berrien County governance through the use of technology.