Plaintiff Instructions to Fill Out Writ of Garn.



Fill the case number in the upper right-hand corner, Plaintiff's (person suing) name and address, Plaintiff's attorney name and address, Defendant's (person being sued) name and address, last four digits of Defendant's social security number and Garnishee Defendant's (defendant's place of employment) name and address in the appropriate boxes. 

1.  Under the "Request" box fill in the required information as follows:

This is the original amount of the judgment and the judgment date.

2.  Line 1 - first amount is the interest accrued on the original judgment. 

Calculation is:  interest rate (example:  5.741% times judgment amount.=$-----

Take the dollar amount and divide by 365 to obtain the amount per day (per diem).  Multiply the per diem times the number of days from the judgment date to the date the garnishment is filed.

      Line 2 - The total amount of post judgment costs are the cost to file the garnishment and/or costs of a judgment debtor exam that were filed after the date of judgment. 

      Line 3 - This is the total amount of money payments made to the Plaintiff after entry of judgment.

      Line 4 - This is the unpaid money amount now due (deduct previous payments, add any costs and interest).

Be sure to indicate in the check boxes where all payments withheld under this writ should be sent, date and sign the request. 

A periodic garnishment (place of business) has two other forms that must be sent to the garnishee defendant:  The Garnishee Disclosure and the Final Statement on Garnishment of Periodic Payments.  These forms must be accompanied by a check/money order made out to the garnishee defendant in the amount of $6.00.

A non periodic garnishment (bank accounts, etc.) has the form, Garnishee Disclosure, that must accompany the Garnishment along with a check/money order made out to the garnishee defendant in the amount of $1.00.

Fill out only the top portions on these two forms with the same information as on the top portions of the Request and Writ for Garnishment.

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