Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
B1703154 Support of Local Municipal Parks Grant Requests Proposed 03/23/2017
P1703130 Approve Contract with Patagonia Health for Electronic Health Records Services Proposed 03/23/2017
A1703149 Approve Contract with Core Technology for Records Management Proposed 03/23/2017
F1703152 Approve amendment to the Village of Michiana Water System Contract Proposed 03/23/2017
F1703153 Approve amendment to the Village of Michiana Bond for Water Improvements Proposed 03/23/2017
B1703070 Approve Weekly Requisitions Proposed 03/23/2017
F1703023 Weekly Bills Proposed 03/23/2017
B1703067 Weekly Requisitions Adopted 03/02/2017
F1703020 Approve Weekly Bills Adopted 03/02/2017
F1703144 Approve Property Transfer to Paw Paw Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant Adopted 03/09/2017
P1703145 Approve Aerial Photography contract with Woolpert, Inc. Adopted 03/09/2017
P1713146 Approve contract with ERG for Hazardous Waste Collection Services Adopted 03/09/2017
B1703068 Weekly Requisition Review Adopted 03/09/2017
F1703021 Weekly Bills Adopted 03/09/2017
P1703003 Monthly Per Diems Adopted 03/16/2017
P1703142 Title X Community Outreach Grant Application Adopted 03/16/2017
P1703143 Public Health Program Assistant Job Creation Adopted 03/16/2017
P1703147 Apply for Galien River County Park Grant Adopted 03/16/2017
A1703148 HMEP Grant FY 2016-2017 Adopted 03/16/2017
P1703150 Apply Love Creek County Park Grant Adopted 03/16/2017
P1703151 Apply MDEQ Recycling Education Grant Adopted 03/16/2017
B1703069 Weekly Requisition Approval Adopted 03/16/2017
F1703022 Weekly Bills Adopted 03/16/2017

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