Earning the Flag Award

How to Earn the Earth Flag Award

Download the Earth Flag Award Application (PDF), or contact Berrien County Resource Recovery at 269-983-7111 ext. 8234. If your school already qualifies for the award, just fill out the application and send it in. You can request an Earth Flag packet containing ideas for school activities and recycling tips that may help your school meet the Earth Flag Award criteria.

Earth Flag Award Criteria

1. REDUCE: participate in at least 1 school-wide waste reduction activity.

2. REUSE: participate in at least 1 school-wide waste reuse activity.

3. RECYCLE: collect and recycle school waste paper (at a minimum) and establish commitment for a continuing recycling program.

4. REBUY: utilize classroom equipment, school supplies, and/or building material(s) that are made from recycled material.

5. EDUCATION: incorporate the 4R’s in school lessons.

The Environmental Specialist is available for technical assistance when applying and implementing 4R activities.

To contact the Resource Recovery Office call 269-983-7111, ext. 8234 or email Jill.