Public Defenders Office

By the authority of the Berrien County Board of Commissioners, the Public Defenders Office was created (Resolution Number C1610291 dated October 13, 2016). The Department is staffed by the:

  • Public Defender
  • Chief Assistant Public Defender
  • 2 Assistant Public Defender III
  • 3 Assistant Public Defender II
  • 1 Assistant Public Defender I
  • 1 Office Manager
  • 1 part time investigator
  • 2 Legal Secretary II positions

The Department will be staffed and operational January 1, 2017.

On December 15, 2016, the Department was introduced to the Board of Commissioners and the public.

Group Photo of Public Defenders Office Staff

Seated from left to right: Kaitlin Locke, Stephanie Farkas, Jennifer Fields, Kristina Blackmore, and Jenny Grimm.

Standing from left to right: Jonathan Baber, Regina Reitz, Jennifer Lamp, Scott Sanford, Brandon Barthelemy, Ryan Seale, Carl Macpherson, and Kim Fowler.