Berrien County Community Recycling Events

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2021 Community recycling events


Last Collection Event of the Year

October 9, Saturday, 8 a.m. - 12 Noon
Southeast Berrien County Landfill Recycle Center, 3200 Chamberlain Rd., Buchanan.
Household Chemicals & Batteries
Electronics (fees apply on some items)
Hard Foam/Polystyrene
Paper Documents for On-Site Shredding
Scroll down for description of these accepted items.

Tips for event participants

  • Do not come early. The event runs 8 a.m. to 12 Noon. Come any time within those 4 hours. The event is the least busy between 11 a.m. and Noon.
  • Pay close attention to the Accepted Items list above. Do not bring other, non-accepted items.
  • Do NOT bring Latex Paint; it is not accepted at this event. Bringing non-accepted items slows down the line. 
  • Prepare for payment of specific electronics (and donations, if you choose) before you arrive. Cash, exact amount, is the most efficient. 
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE - friendly staff and volunteers will be onsite to unload materials from your vehicle.

description of ACCEPTED ITEMS

Contact Berrien County Parks (see contact information on the right side of this page) with specific questions about accepted items.

household chemicals accepted:

Home, garden, yard, garage, under-the-sink, bathroom, and home workshop chemicals, liquids and cleaners. Items with the words toxic, flammable, hazardous, or poisonous on the label.

Acids and Bases
Aerosols - all kinds
Automotive Products

Bathroom Products (hair spray, perfume, nail polish, etc)
Batteries (all sizes and kinds)
Beauty Aids (hair spray, perfume, nail polish, etc)
Brake fluid

Canisters (sterno, small)
Caulks & Glues
Cleaners (soaps, shampoos, waxes, oven and drain cleaner, etc)
Cooking Oil
Cylinders (one-pound cylinders only, NO propane tanks)

Driveway Sealer

Fuels (kerosene, home heating oil, lighter fluid, gas, etc)


Light Bulbs (compact fluorescents, 8-ft tube and shorter, LED, neon)

Medications (pills, liquids, patches, aerosols, etc.; remove pills from personal pill bottles and put all together in a zip-lockable bag; medical sharps/needles musbe dropped off in a puncture proof container)
Mercury (thermometers, thermostats, switches, liquid)
Mineral Spirits
Motor Oil and Filters

Needles/Sharps (must be dropped off in a puncture proof container and labeled with the word "sharps" or "needles"; containers can be a red sharps containers, laundry detergent bottle, or similar rigid/puncture proof container)

Oil-Based Paint (latex paint is NOT accepted, dry out latex paint and place in with regular household trash)
Oils (used motor oil & filters, cooking oil, etc.)

Paint Products (latex paint is NOT accepted, dry out latex paint and place in with regular trash)
Pesticides/Herbicides (all kinds)
Photography Chemicals (developer, fixer, stop bath)
Pills (remove pills from personal pill bottles and put all together in a zip-lockable bag)

Roofing Sealer

Sharps/Needles (must be dropped off in a puncture proof container, loose sharps are not accepted)
Swimming Pool Chemicals (chlorine, pH reducer, pH increaser)

Transmission Fluid


Latex Paint is NOT accepted.

electronic items accepted:

Unwanted electronic equipment from a Berrien County home that has a cord or is battery operated such as:

Computer monitors ($10 per monitor fee, all types)
Televisions ($20 per TV fee, all types and sizes)
Large and Small Appliances
Freon Containing Items ($10 per item fee) i.e. refrigerators, mini-fridge, freezers, AC units, dehumidifiers, water coolers.
Window Air Conditioners (Freon containing - $10 per item fee)
DVD/VCR Players
Power Tools
Dehumidifiers (Freon containing - $10 per item fee)
Vacuum Cleaner
Irons - curling/straightening, clothing, etc.
Phones - cell and land-line
Holiday String Lights
Ink and Printer Cartridges

Electronics are accepted and recycled by Green Earth Electronics Recycling, 4200 Niles Rd, St. Joseph, 269-326-1232, If you have a question about a specific electronic and if it is accepted or not, please call Green Earth Electronics Recycling.

foam / polystyrene accepted:

Ice chests, foam cups, clean foam "to go" containers, egg cartons, foam block packaging, pink & blue Styrofoam. Must be clean and dry. 

NOT ACCEPTED: soft/squishy foam, foam bedding or pads, packing peanuts, or blown-in foam. Foam that has glue, wood, paper, or any other item attached to it is NOT accepted.

personal documents for shredding:

Paper documents only, including office paper, brochures, blueprints, mail, folders, paper envelopes, checkbooks, etc. Participants do NOT need to remove staples or paperclips.

NOT ACCEPTED: CDs, x-rays, binder clips, driver's license, 3-ring binders, cardboard, books, plastic, metal, other non-paper items.

Please prepare paper documents so that they can easily be dumped into a rolling cart. Remove non-paper items, binders, book covers, etc. BEFORE coming to the event. When rolling cart is full, contents will be placed inside the Shredding Truck and shred right on site. 

Year Around Options:

Household chemicals/Hazardous Waste

Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center  Available for Berrien County RESIDENTS to use, free, year around. When utilizing the Kalamazoo HHW Center, Berrien County residents must show an ID with an address. Accepted items include household, yard & garden, garage, and workshop chemicals, cleaners, and liquids. See full list of accepted and not accepted items, along with hours of operation, at the HHW Center website.

Berrien County Recycling Guide: items such as batteries, used motor oil, fluorescent lights, unwanted medications, electronics, and many other items have local recycling options available year around. Click on the Recycling Guide headings in the blue box on the left side of this page to seek out drop off locations and recycling services. 

electronics recycling

Green Earth Electronics Recycling, the company that provides the electronics recycling services at the community events, is located at 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph. They are open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., excluding holidays, for electronics drop off. Contact Green Earth at 269-326-1232, or go to Green Earth Electronics Recycling website. Ask about additional services such as business electronics waste recycling, hard drive shredding, pick up services, etc.  

Berrien County Recycling Guide: there are a number of local businesses that accept electronics for recycling and reuse. Click on the Recycling Guide heading for ELECTRONICS in the blue box on the left side of this page to seek out drop off locations and recycling services for electronics.

Foam / Polystyrene:

Berrien County Recycling Guide: Click on the Recycling Guide heading for PLASTIC In the blue box on the left side of this page to seek out foam recycling options.

paper shredding / document shredding

Berrien County Recycling Guide: there are a number of local businesses that provide document shredding services. Click on the Recycling Guide heading for PAPER In the blue box on the left side of this page to seek out paper shredding options.