Triple P & Substance Abuse Prevention

Triple P is a program that provides support and education for parents, families, and other people who are caring for children. Triple P offers simple, practical and evidence-based parenting strategies for a range of parenting issues - from everyday common concerns that parents face through the normal course of their child's development up through more difficult social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Triple P has a multi-level approach - it recognizes that families have different needs in terms of type, intensity, and mode of assistance they may require. It can be offered in a variety of settings, by a wide variety of service providers, and in a variety of formats.

The Five Principles of Triple P

  1. Safe and Engaging Environment: Triple P encourages parents to provide a safe, supervised and therefore protective environment that provides opportunities for children to explore, experiment, and play.
  2. Positive Learning: Triple P teaches parents to respond positively and constructively to child-initiated interactions.
  3. Assertive Discipline: Triple P teaches parents discipline strategies that are effective and non-coercive.
  4. Realistic Expectations: Triple P enables parents to adopt expectations that are both developmentally appropriate and realistic for the parent.
  5. Parental Self-Care: Triple P encourages parents to take care of themselves to ensure their own personal needs are being met.

Substance Abuse Prevention & Triple P

When parents and caregivers have the skills they need to create healthy relationships with their children, they can help prevent substance abuse issues from arising in their children. The Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists at the Berrien County Health Department are trained and certified Triple P providers. The staff are available to provide the Triple P program at a variety of levels to Berrien County parents and families free of charge. Please email Kerri Teachout or call 269-927-5668 for more information on how Triple P can help you!

Berrien County ParentNet

Berrien County ParentNet connects parents to the resources in the community that are available to families - whether it be health care, schools, fun activities or parenting support. You can find a calendar of events, ideas for family fun, and information about parenting children of all ages.